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2 player local multiplayer game where you play as a Angel or Devil and try to control and control lost souls to your own ranks, or steal others. Tactical and fast game play for quick sessions with your friends.

How to play

Aim is to convert the Lost Souls to Heaven or Hell side, whoever converts all Souls wins or when time runs out most converted Souls side wins.

Standing next to Neutral Soul makes them convert during few seconds, when you use Action button next to a Soul, they are walking towards you, use it to control where Souls are moving. When Converted Soul stands near any other Soul it starts convert it, but if there are more of other colored Souls, larger group will convert faster.
So tactics are how you're able move and convert Souls to groups more than other side, or try to steal Souls from your opponent

Have fun time in Purgatory!

1 Player (Angel)
Movement WASD, Action button Left Control

2 Player (Devil)
Movement Arrow Keys, Action button Right Control


Character Design, Pixel Art & animations
Matti Anttila - matti.anttila86@gmail.com - Discord: Masashi86 #8839

Jaakko Jaakkola - udnorth@hotmail.com  Discord: Ykä #0203

Music & Game Design
Ilari Haho - mrlrhh@hotmail.com - Discord: Menfi #2347

UI Art
Martti Kandelin - mratti.k@hotmail.fi - Discord: Bodyburger #6077

Voice Overs
Janne Laaksonen
Joni Heikkonen

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded Zip file and open the Purgatory.exe to play


Purgatory.zip 27 MB

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